About Us

ANGRYMO was born from the term ANGRY MOFO. (If you don't know what MOFO means please leave our website)                                       


  • Energy companies
  • Phone companies
  • Airlines
  • People: who are excessively happy for no good reason.
  • Pineapples. They have beady little eyes I tell you! (They are an evil fruit)
  • Vegetarians who say they eat fish. (Please buy a dictionary and look up Vegetarian)
  • People who say "I researched it", when they googled something.
  • Lleyton Hewitt. (Do you really have to ask?)
  • Guys who say their cousin is the kickboxing champion of Australia.
  • The Wiggles singing "Monday is the first day of the week". 
  • People who insist it’s a PIN Number or ATM Machine.
  • People who ask: “Excuse me. Do you work here?” When you’re clearly wearing the company uniform and holding a broom.